Monday, May 10, 2010


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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Character Traits

I have always tried to be the best athlete I can be, which includes being a good sport through everything. I've always tried my best to do this, and I have. people have commented on me in positive ways. They say I am:

Caring- I had to fire my coach Frank Caroll, but did so kindly and softly.

Hard-working- I have always worked my best and tried my best at skating even when things get tough. When I fell down in this routine shown above, I got up and smiled, and finished my program with a positive attitude.

Appreciative- I deeply appreciate every sacrifice my family has made so I can skate. When I wanted to be serious about skating, my family completely understood and immediately wanted to make my dream happen.

Educated- Even though I would've rather been skating, I attended school and college, always giving my best effort and attention. My parents wanted me to go to college, but more importantly I wanted to go to college. My grades matter just as much as my career.

Understanding- I understand criticsm. When I make a mistake in a routine and get criticsm, I know it is only to make me a better skater. It is constructive. To be a skater, you have to know the right way to take everything you are told. Usually, it is never meant to be bad.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Thank you for checking out my blog, I hope you learned something and enjoyed it! :)

Friday, April 30, 2010

My Effect on my Sport and Others

As I progressed through my skating career, I became famous and well-known. The president at the time, Bill Clinton, wanted to meet with me but my busy schedule wouldn't allow it! I was very ashamed to have turned down our nation's leader! I was the youngest skater in history to get the most amount of perfect marks in my programs. My record is still standing. People invited me to skate in their shows, tours, and public and private events. Finding time to just relax and have some "down time" was very difficult.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Review of Book

Michelle Kwan: Sports Heroes and Legends was a great biography to read about none other than Michelle Kwan. It gave me information and details, but was very upbeat and interesting at the same time, unlike some biographies. This genre of book is my least favorite, but I found myself enjoying it. I rate the book 5 stars and would without-a-doubt read another one from the series. The series includes athletes Barry Bonds, Michelle Kwan, Lou Gehrig, Ichiro Suzuki, Mickey Mantle, and Tim Duncan. This book was written by Anne E. Hill, the copyright date is 2004, and the publication is the Lerner Publishing Group.

Obstacles and Risks I Overcame

Rising to the top of my sport wasn't easy. Many things came up and I just had to be strong and push past them. Some of them were minor, some major and life-changing. Here is a list of some of them.
1. I injured my toe right before Nationals, the competition that could be my golden ticket to the Olympics. Yes, I performed great despite me painful injury.
2. On a skating tour, my friend, Harris Collins died of a heart attack while I was skating. We may have been 30 years apart in age, but I was still devastated.
3. I have never achieved my main dream: winning a gold medal at the Olympics. I have every color but gold. (silver and bronze)
4. As I grew very mature in skating, I was upset to realize that I didn't need my beloved coach, Frank Carroll anymore. We grew to be great friends and great teammates. Letting him go was very emotional for both of us. Even though we stopped working together on the ice, he still cheered for me and communicated with me.
5. When Frank Carroll has visited a coaching conference before my 12th birthday, I went into Los Angeles to take the senior test. (senior is the highest level of skating) Frank hadn't agreed to let me do this, but I went behind his back anyway. (I passed the test...) Surely, he was furious with me and ignored me for several days, but didn't give up on me.

Special/Interesting Facts About Me

You may find many things in my life to be "interesting", but if you want to know every detail about me you must know a few things:
1. I started skating when I was 5 years old at a shopping mall's skating rink. The skates were brown and very uncomfortable but I always had too much fun to care.
2. When I started getting serious about skating, I had to attend morning lessons. I would sleep in my skating outfit (itchy tights and all), to make it on time.
3. When I was young, my Grandmother gave me a necklace with a Chinese dragon charm on it for good luck. I NEVER take it off!
4. I wrote an autobiography called Michelle Kwan: Heart of a Champion, a book about my life, skating and struggles.